Fake unions & politicians are trying to eliminate your rights, pay and our contract.

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on the Freedom Foundation and Miami-Dade Education Coalition

The Freedom Foundation is funding the Miami-Dade Education Coalition, a fake union that will roll back worker protections, cut our benefits, and push a right-wing agenda.

Ties to Anti-Union Groups and Lobbyists

Freedom Foundation and Miami-Dade Education Coalition have ties to anti-union groups and lobbyists like Rusty Brown and Russ Brown.

  • Russ Brown earns up to $3,200 a day fighting unions through his company RWP Labor LLC.
  • Russ Brown attended the signing ceremony for SB256, which attacked UTD and Brown’s company lobbied for

Anti-Worker Advocacy

  • Freedom Foundation has advocated against policies like paid sick leave, class size limits, school funding, and public employee pay raises.
  • Freedom Foundation staff co-authored an ALEC report calling for cuts to pensions and healthcare.

Right-Wing Funding Sources

  • Freedom Foundation receives funding from right-wing donors like the Koch Brothers and foundations that fund hate groups.
  • The Charles Koch Foundation has given $275,000 to Freedom Foundation.
  • The Robert P. Rotella Foundation, which funded far-right groups, gave $23,500 to Freedom Foundation.
  • The Murdock Trust, which funds anti-LGBT efforts, is also a Freedom Foundation donor.

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In the Media

October 22, 2023

LOCAL NEWS Facing South Florida for Oct. 22: Freedom Foundation/Teachers Union Targeted

MIAMI — For the past several months, public school teachers across South Florida have been receiving mail pieces attacking their union and urging them to stop paying their union dues to the United Teachers of Dade.

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